Hearthstone Esports Guide

(Best Hearthstone Betting Sites in 2021)

Hearthstone is a card game played in turns, but although styled after real-life games of similar nature, it is a digital one, and people play it on desktop computers and mobile devices. Blizzard released the game in 2014 and has been actively updating it ever since. The collectible cards are based on the company’s other online multiplayer phenomenon, World of Warcraft, and are portraying characters, creatures, weapons, and abilities from it. This is the most successful game of such kind that had a predecessor of a different genre, and that specific detail definitely helped to boost its popularity.

Hearthstone - History, Tournaments and Top Betting Platforms

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Another reason for great interest and success is the fact that the game is free, nevermind the in-game purchases that are really helpful if you want to win. All new players are presented with a deck of cards that currently fall into one of ten classes. The numbers of existing cards and even classes are subject to change as the company introduces new decks and may remove some of the old cards. This may sound too complicated, and it does take time to learn how to play it, but the basics are explained well in a tutorial, after which you should be able to dive right into it. You can learn all the cards, tactics, and mechanics later, including while watching Hearthstone esports tournaments, past and present.

Blizzard has been promoting the competitive nature of the game from the start, and many people compare it to chess, only more colorful and with a much wider number of combinations. A usual match has two opponents trying to reduce each other’s life points by playing the right cards. This takes predicting the next few steps and can be very intense to watch. Even more so, if you bet money on one of the players. There are some major events you can follow to do that and win some sweet cash. We’ll be sharing some handy tips on how to select a proper bookmaker, as well as suggesting a few places you can consider as your starting points or even frequent visiting spots.

How to Choose the Best Hearthstone Esports Betting Site

Before we provide you with Hearthstone betting tips, let us arm you with knowledge of what makes a great betting platform.

The Odds

The odds define how you will win in the case when you’re right. So, it’s best to win more when you can, right? Therefore, simple research to establish the site with the juiciest odds for your bet is worth spending a few minutes on. No need to look all over the Internet, at least check the sites from our suggestions, Betway, GG.bet, Unikrn all are known to be more generous than others.

Tournaments & Leagues

In the case of Hearthstone, you can expect the sites that feature the odds for this game to cover the major official competitions. The more matches you get to bet on, the more often you can win money. However, that only works when you know the players well. So, it may be more sensible to look for sites that let you bet on streamers you enjoy watching. For example, Loot.Bet lets you do this.

Live Betting Service

Games like Hearthstone are a lot about what hand a player gets and how he or she chooses to play it. Therefore, if you know how they tend to play, it’s much easier to make predictions in the process. And luckily, most sites offer in-match betting, and you don’t even have to go elsewhere to watch it, Twitch streams are successfully integrated into betting platforms.

Hearthstone Free Bets and Betting Bonuses

Would you prefer free money with some clearing requirements or no free money at all? Exactly, and that’s what bookmakers are counting on. They offer various forms of incentives to lure customers in, and if you’re planning on joining anyway, it won’t hurt to learn who pays more. A welcome match deposit is one of the most common offers, and currently, Unikrn wins in this category, doubling your first deposit up to $300.

Depth of Market

Compared to the likes of CSGO or LoL, there aren’t a lot of outcomes bookmakers take bets on with Hearthstone gambling. It’s usually a match or the whole tournament winner. However, sites like Loot.bet and GG.bet do offer extra options at times. For example, you may get another chance to score by betting on who will be the first one to deal damage or play a legendary card.

Payment Systems and Customer Support

It’s difficult to say what the first thing you should check about a bookmaker is, but the supported payment systems and currencies are definitely among the top priorities. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about that with the most prominent services like Unikrn or LuckBox, they even offer cryptocurrencies as an option.

Customer support, on the other hand, is not a strong suit when we’re talking about those two sites. No, it’s actually great when you manage to reach it. But it can either be done during certain hours or via Discord. If you want 24/7 support with several communication channels, Betway and Loot.Bet fit the description.

Geo and Reputation

Another crucial moment is that not all territories may be supported by the site that suits you in every other regard. That’s sad, but that’s life. So, before you go on reading reviews and detailed feedback about a particular platform, make sure you will be able to use it without limitations.

Once that is done, go ahead and explore what others have to say about the site. Bookmakers like Betway that have evolved from traditional sportsbooks and online casinos tend to be quite reliable, but they may be adapting to the new type of betting slowly. Sites like Loot.Bet and LuckBox that were created with esports in mind may provide you with a much more enjoyable experience when betting on a Hearthstone match.

Hearthstone Tournaments

Blizzard has held official tournaments since the first year of Hearthstone’s release, and for the most part, they remained unaltered. However, in 2019 the traditional structure was changed to make the process less convoluted and easier to follow, and so we’ll be reviewing this current three-tier structure. In 2020, the prize pool for the whole thing amounted to $4.5 million.

Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers

This is the first step in the competitive Hearthstone world. At this point, anyone can enter and try to compete for the main prize. There are approximately 15-30 tournaments taking place on the Battlefy platform weekly, and contestants can choose the most suitable time for them to try and qualify. They can do this by playing for any region if they have the relevant collection of cards. Most participants are rewarded with card packs for competing in this stage, while the Masters Qualifiers winners proceed to the next stage that will already have a money prize pool.

Hearthstone Masters Tour

This is a much more interesting stage for both those who have proven themselves eligible and spectators. Originally held in 2019, it comprised of online and live events that were held for Asia (Seoul), Europe (Bucharest), and North America (Las Vegas). The prize pool for each of these events was equal to $500,000, and the winners received about $100,000 each.

Obviously, things are more intense as the more skillful players enter the competition, and that’s when many sites decide to provide odds for the battles. In 2020, due to the Covid-19 situation, the tournaments were held completely online, nevertheless, the regional division was still kept for everyone’s convenience.

  • Arlington on January 30 through February 2
  • Los Angeles on March 20 through 22
  • Jönköping on June 12 through 14
  • Asia-Pacific on July 16 through 19
  • Montreal on September 11 through 13
  • Madrid on October 23 through 25

Each of these six tournaments had a prize pool of half a million dollars, distributed as follows:

  • the 1st place - $32,500
  • the 2nd place - $22,500-25,000
  • and so on.

Players who collect the most money and points over the tournament are then considered to be invited to the next and final tier. The schedule for all these events, as usual, is published on Hearthstone’s website in the Esports tab. And since there have been changes in the time certain events were held, that’s where you should head to make sure you know the plan for the current competitive year.

Hearthstone Grandmasters

The contestants for this Hearthstone league are selected based on their lifetime earnings from the tournaments, competitive points, as well as other factors. There are 48 players in total, comprised of the three groups of 16, representing the following regions:

  • Europe
  • South and North America
  • Asia-Pacific

The matches are live-streamed on official Twitch and Youtube channels over the period of two seasons, each consisting of eight weeks. The established days for battles are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, meaning you get to bet on the winners every weekend when the tournament is

In 2020, the first season took place April 15 through June 7, and the second one was held August 12 through October 11.

Contestants are competing for the prize pool of $500,000, as well as for two top players from each region being sent to the main global event of the year. There were some significant changes in the structure of the tournament for 2020, and those are fully described on the official site.

One of such changes was that at the end of each season, 3 players instead of 2 were to be relegated for each region, allowing the top-performing hearthstoners from The Masters tour to enter the competition and try to win the main prize and title. This, of course, makes for a very interesting tournament to follow, and you can expect players you know rather well to join the game at a later point. And when this happens, it’s a betting opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Hearthstone World Championship

2020 is the seventh year when the Hearthstone World Championship is held, and most times, it took place during BlizzCon in fall but for a few exceptions. The prize pool was usually $1,000,000, although these last two years it was reduced to $500,000,. Still, getting $200,000 for the 1st place, $100,000 for the second, $50,000 for the 3rd and 4th places, and $25,000 for each of the remaining players can hardly be considered bad.

The changes to the tournament structure in 2019 resulted in this final event being renamed as Hearthstone Global Finals, but in 2020, the organizers reversed to the old name, although other improvements remained.

Six players coming from the Grandmasters tier are joined by two Gold Series Champions from China, so in total, eight players are battling for the title of the year’s absolute champion. In 2020, the event takes place online during the December 12 – December 13 weekend, becoming this year’s culmination in the professional Hearthstone tournament world.

Hearthstone Betting Tips & Tricks

There’s no better way to learn about the game than by playing it and to master betting than by placing wagers. Nevertheless, we feel like sharing at least a few simple rules with you to help you get on the way to success and victory.

  • Play the Game Constantly

    If there’s any esport that requires you to play it regularly, it’s this one. One of the game’s special features is getting updates every several months, as well as new cards and mechanics being introduced. Unless you are familiar with those, making predictions will become more and more difficult very soon. And anyway, it’s fun to try and utilize the tricks you’ve seen a pro use during a match.

  • Check the Tournaments Rules

    Blizzard is introducing updates not only to the game, but also to the way it’s played at competitive events. Luckily, you don’t have to go far, checking the official website should be enough to learn about any and all changes compared to the previous years and events.

  • Limit Your Bets

    It may be tempting to bet more when you seem sure about the outcome and the odds are promising a generous return. Nevertheless, safe betting will prove to be a much more rewarding strategy. Besides, with the matches being relatively frequent, it’s better to wait for the next tournament rather than bet impatiently.

  • Focus on Your Favorites

    Focusing on something is bound to be more impactful, and it’s the same here. There’s no point in trying to bet on everyone, especially if you don’t know their strong sides. Analyzing both of the opponents’ previous performances and approaches can provide you with the necessary insights.

  • Maximize Your Gain

    Rather than placing a large bet at one site, why not place several smaller ones at different platforms? The ones we are suggesting below don’t have a lot of differences in odds, but that way, you can collect more bonuses and experiment more.

Hearthstone eSports Betting Sitess


  • A 300% match bonus up to $300
  • Umode for betting on yourself
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies


4.75 /5

This platform is a well-known innovator in ways you can bet and win while playing video games. Unfortunately, the famed Umode isn’t available for Hearthstone, but you can still bet on other players here. Unikrn offers the proper betting experience, covering over 30 esports titles with different levels of competitive activities. The site also functions as a sportsbook with an extensive library if you are into traditional sports as well.

Other reasons to join Unikrn are its fantastic bonus offer along with other promotions and rewards. There’s a loyalty program with cashbacks available from the start, and one can earn bonus money by completing monthly quests. The platform rewards new users with $5 for simply completing their profiles.


  • An impressive first deposit 200% match bonus
  • An extensive esports library with major Hearthstone leagues covered
  • Various promos, rewards, and a cashback loyalty program
  • Unique modes that allow earning money while playing
  • An advanced app for hassle-free live betting on mobile
  • A rich variety of payment options, both fiat and digita


  • Customer support is online during certain hours
  • Hearthstone is not available in Umode


  • Stylish design and comfortable interface
  • Live betting and a variety of bets
  • A welcome bonus of up to 100 USD


4.75 /5

This looks like and feels like an ultimate esports gambling platform that was created to be just that. Loot.bet can be easily recognized by its signature design and gaming-inspired graphics, but it’s also a decent bookmaker. Navigation couldn’t be any easier, and there are several buttons at the top for customizing the betting page for you.

The site is also popular for its abundant catalog that has more than two dozen titles. However, the thing that makes Hearthstone betting even more enjoyable here is the LootBet Ladder. This is a site-specific promotion that lets bettors earn points as they place wagers, and then winners holding the top positions are rewarded weekly. Some weeks the rewards are more impressive than others, which is a good reason to join the site.


  • The sign-up bonus can reach $100
  • Weekly rewards for those at the top of the Ladder
  • A great choice of gaming titles to bet on
  • Placing wagers on streamers while they play
  • Regular promos and bonuses
  • Esports-driven design and
  • 24/7 support reached in various ways


  • No LootBet app for an ultimate mobile experience
  • Only the major tournaments are covered for Hearthstone


  • Extensive list of streamed matches
  • Great variety of betting markets
  • A eposit bonus of 100% up to 100 USD


4.5 /5

LuckBox is solid proof that with the right approach and dedication, a new site can easily join the ranks of the best esports betting platforms. It was established only in 2018, but slick design, great functionality, and a well-realized mobile app helped it to gather an audience in no time. Besides Hearthstone, there are a dozen other games that offer a great genre-wise variety with the most popular FPS games, MOBAs, strategies, and sports simulators.

LuckBox is really easy to get around, so it will be a perfect place for newcomers. The interface is as intuitive as it gets, and you can easily see the available titles, check the tournaments coverage, connect to live streams, and explore the markets and stats for the current match. There’s also a chat and a Discord community where you can discuss the game or collect some useful insights.


  • Superb beginners-friendly interface
  • An entry bonus up to $100
  • Genres variety and competitive odds
  • Numerous crypto and fiat currencies are supported
  • Outstanding mobile experience via an app
  • Great community that can be very helpful


  • Support is only accessible via Discord


  • A well-established betting platform
  • Good choice of tournaments and leagues
  • Live betting with several betting markets


3.9 /5

This site is an example of online sportsbooks that have managed to successfully expand by adding esports to the list of available options. And although the site doesn’t try to get the most impressive list of supported games, it does support certain disciplines and sponsors players and teams. Hearthstone matches are also occasionally featured, usually the most important ones.

Betway will be great for those who would like to combine placing wagers on HS with betting on traditional sports or playing casino games. Besides, it’s an established platform with a long record, so it’s a trusted and reliable bookmaker. You also get professional support and occasionally higher odds by joining this site.


  • A trustworthy gambling platform
  • A chance to enjoy other forms of gambling
  • Great odds and guaranteed payouts
  • Informative pages and constant support


  • Not a very impressive welcome bonus
  • No app for esports


  • Well-implemented in-play betting
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Use of in-game skins for payment

GG.bet is a great choice because it was created by esports professionals, and a percentage from the winnings goes to the teams that come out victorious. So, with this site, everyone benefits. Well, those who win. With a dozen gaming titles, functional design, and the widest variety of Dota 2 markets to bet on, you are bound to have a lot of fun here.


  • Dozens of special betting markets
  • A good deal of payment methods available, BTC among them
  • Constantly available customer support
  • Your favorite teams and players also win from your bets


  • No apps for either Android or iOS
  • No cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin


  • Up to $600 bonus for the first deposit
  • Live betting with numerous markets
  • A plethora of prizes and promotions

The most notable thing about this platform is that it was created by a gamer who made sure that 1% of the winnings goes to the cyberathletes you are offered to bet on. It feels fair to reward those who help you win money, even though they get to claim their share of the prize pool.

The site features just about a dozen titles, but you get some solid tools for those. And the promos page is ever-changing with new rewards dedicated to both global and gaming events.


  • Advanced betting interface with customizable options
  • Constantly updated promos and bonuses
  • Smoothly-functioning Hearthstone live betting
  • A sense of involvement caused by sharing the profits with the players


  • No app for mobile betting
  • Bitcoin is the only cryptocoin option


If you enjoy collectible card games, Hearthstone is the right choice for you, because there is currently no bigger representative in that genre. Blizzard is definitely focused on keeping it a prominent esport and increasing the audience, the consistent and even growing prize pools are good proof of that. And revamping tournaments indicates that the company behind this sensational game really wants to improve the competitive scene and make it easier to follow for new fans.

With all that in mind, it’s a good time to start investing in Hearthstone bets and cashing out on your abilities to predict the winners. All you need is a good platform to do that, where coverage is good and the odds are generous. Of course, there are many factors that go into a perfect betting spot for you, but our suggestions should do the job.

Unikrn and LuckBox are really great for live betting using a mobile device, and they should be able to satisfy anyone’s currency or cryptocurrency requirements. LootBet is not to be ignored if you are an active bettor who likes being additionally rewarded for that, their weekly Ladder is a convincing reason to join. BetWay and GG.bet may seem a bit complicated to newcomers, but the stability and support they offer are worth considering registration. And if, for some reason, none of these options suit you, use the criteria you’ve learned about to locate your own perfect betting platform.